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Gallery II
Catch the Wind - 21"x 26" - Cedar Pitch
The nearly transparent quality of this unique,
hard-to-find piece of solid pitch truly illuminates
the hair and smiling face of this young woman.
Remembering the Past - 27" with base - Cedar Pitch
The strength of the resinous tree limb from
which this piece is carved, will eternally
reflect in the face of this tribal elder.

Winter Robe - 28'' with base - Cedar Pitch
The texture of this pitchy limb enshrouds
this loyal warrior like a buffalo robe in winter.

Against the Wind - 28" with base - Cedar Pitch
Long after the tree has died, the movements of
the gathering resins are still implied through the
flow of this young woman's hair and feather.

Descending - 34" with base - Cedar
The feeling of falling is evoked in the texture
and form of this hollowed log as it reveals a woman's
softly waving hair and reflective expression.

Emerging - 40" with base - Cedar
The cocoon fbrm implicit in the wood
envelopes and protects this woman
throughout her earthly transformations.

Of the Earth - 10" x 14" - Cedar Pitch
Over many years, the resins flowed through
this wood until I uncovered the face of this
ancient warrior waiting for revelation.

The Spirit Sleeps - 36" Wall Hanging - Cedar
The trunk of a cedar tree harbored the image of this
man whose spirit still sleeps within the wood's grain.
Catch the Wind Remember the Past
Winter Robe
Against the Wind
Decending Emerging
Of the Earth The Spirit Sleeps
All sculptures are signed, dated, and guaranteed against cracking.