Thunder Creek Studios
Gallery I

From The Deep - 26" x 29" Cedar
This is a piece of rare cedar pitch sitting on a
walnut base. The carving of a ladies face has
been carved to fitwithin the unique shape of the wood.

The Golden Lady -30" - Cedar
Made of cedar that has a rare golden
hue and is sculpted within the unusual
shape of the wood.

Evening Walk - Cedar
Beauty of the wood shines through the
face and body of a woman's evening walk.

Long Braids - Cedar

Happy Dancer - Cedar

From Within - 40" with base - Cedar
The proud face of an elder warrior
has emerged from within this unique
pitchy burl of cedar.

Roots of the Past - 27" with base - Cedar root
The roots of a cedar tree displays the
image of a decorated warrior scarred
with the traces of worker ants.

Cedarman -27" with base - Cedar
The base of a burnt cedar tree concealed the partial
face of this man whose image varies with the multiple
viewing angles.
From The Deep The Golden Lady
Evening walk Long Braids
Happy Dancer From Within
Roots Cedar Man
All sculptures are signed, dated, and guaranteed against cracking.