Thunder Creek Studios
Sculptor Calvin Lyster has lived and worked just outside of Yosemite National Park since 1971. He gathers uniquely shaped and Calvin Lyster, Wood Sculptorseasoned woods, Incense Cedar and Manzanita, pitch and roots from the Sierra Nevada. With a master's touch, Calvin transforms these gifts of nature into pieces of art that reflect both great respect for the native people and the forest he calls home.

Working from his own gallery for 18 years, Calvin's works have been purchased by fine art collectors throughout the world. 

One of the world’s largest wood art collection, the Dr. Irving Lipton Collection, proudly displays six of Calvin's carvings.

Mr. Lyster's carvings have been shown extensively throughout California and New Mexico.

Calvins’ sculptures are currently on display at the:

Martin LaBou Gallery
Carmel, California

Gallery I

  From The Deep
  The Golden Lady
  Evening Walk
  Long Braids
  Happy Dancer
  From Within
  Roots of the Past

Gallery II

  Catch the Wind
  Remembering the Past
  Winter Robe
  Against the Wind
  Of the Earth
  The Spirit Sleeps

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All sculptures are signed, dated, and guaranteed against cracking.